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Series: Break Me

by Author Antoinette Candela


Wanting Reed (2000)

Wanting Reed started off slow for me and I did struggle a little to keep going. I just felt like I was never going to get to a part that was going to hook me in and keep me going. The story seemed long and some parts could have been kept out. Tyler, I love me some Tyler. I have rooted for him sin...

Wanting Reed (2000) by Antoinette Candela

Breaking Elle (2013)

Amazing emotional storyline,love triangle more of a square 3 men after one woman.Elle was with cane two years he broke her heart one & has again.reed is waiting for his chance to claim her from first time they met there sexual attraction was electrifying.they started a relationship they have feel...

Breaking Elle (2013) by Antoinette Candela