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Series: Billionaire

by Author Richard Newsome


The Emerald Casket (2011)

This is book #2 in the Archer Legacy series and I can't wait for Book #3! While I was reading it I kept thinking that it wasn't quite as good as book #1, and maybe that's true, but it's still fantastic and still rates 5 stars. And I think that reading book #1 first is a must.Picking up where book...

The Emerald Casket (2011) by Richard Newsome

The Billionaire's Curse (2010)

Perhaps, were I a younger reader, I might have enjoyed this more. The plot was contrived and it never seemed like the main characters were in any real danger. Whenever they came close to being caught by something, someone always intervened. Only at the end did this not occur...and the author chic...

The Billionaire's Curse (2010) by Richard Newsome