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Series: Beautiful Mess

by Author T.K. Leigh


Gorgeous Chaos (2014)

‘Gorgeous Chaos’ finds Oliver Adler facing her fears of being abandon. She is ready to move forward with the next phase of her life with Mr. Burnham. Alexander is still holding on to all the secrets from Olivia’s past, all in the name of her protection. Little does he know there are enemies in hi...

Gorgeous Chaos (2014) by T.K. Leigh

A Tragic Wreck (2000)

Not the most exciting book and honestly the protagonist act like children. Olivia is in a "I love you but I don't want to love you." She blames the fact that her parents died but in life there are gambled you have to take. She's so scared that everyone will leave but in fact she leaves everyone. ...

A Tragic Wreck (2000) by T.K. Leigh