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Series: Bad Boy Rockers

by Author Lexi Buchanan


Sultry (2014)

I was anxious to get Donovan's story and it didn't disappoint at all. This book is everything I've come to love and expect from Lexi's work. It has the right amount of humor, angst, wanting and steam. The story picks up with Mara, Reece's sister, and Donovan having a heated moment. They're both i...

Sultry (2014) by Lexi Buchanan

Spicy (2013)

Spicy is second book in the Bad Boy Rockers series, and let me just say-it's such a big step up from Sizzle was!Callie and Reece met because of their best friends hooking up in Sizzle. After a hot day and night together Reece abruptly leaves when another woman calls on him; breaking Callie's hea...

Spicy (2013) by Lexi Buchanan