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Series: Arthur Trilogy

by Author Kevin Crossley-Holland


The Seeing Stone (2015)

I'm just going to say right here, right now, that my knowledge of Arthurian legends is.... weak, to say the least. I am familiar while also unfamiliar. It's a very like the mass population's knowledge of such characters/legends/myths as Frankenstein, Dracula, Robin Hood, Jesus Christ, etc; we kno...

The Seeing Stone (2015) by Kevin Crossley-Holland

At the Crossing Places (2004)

I quite enjoyed reading this book. My copy is the Folio Society edition, which doesn't appear on Goodreads. The story is a nice tale that is easy to read - just what I want from a bedtime book. It carries on the story from the first part of the trilogy. Arthur is now preparing for his crusade. He...

At the Crossing Places (2004) by Kevin Crossley-Holland

King of the Middle March (2006)

Author Cornelia Funke writes in a blurb on the back cover of this book, "The Arthur of this trilogy moves softly into one's heart." And that's just what this set of books did to me; tiptoed into my esteem.Perhaps the last one is the best one. Perhaps, by the last one, the reader realizes that the...

King of the Middle March (2006) by Kevin Crossley-Holland