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Series: Answered Prayers

by Author Dave McKean


Sleeping in Flame (2004)

Only the guilty and the lovers really fear. The first because of what they are, the second for what they might lose.E' davvero un peccato che in Italia si sia rinunciato a pubblicare Jonathan Carroll, un autore che meriterebbe un successo al pari di Neil Gaiman, Stephen King e persino Haruki Mur...

Sleeping in Flame (2004) by Dave McKean

Outside the Dog Museum (2005)

I do like Jonathan Carroll's voice. He creates some very real and visceral scenery and some of his witticisms are of a Vonnegut caliber. In short bursts, he uses words to great effect. But the larger story, well that's something else. For those of you that are Carroll fans and asked me to read mo...

Outside the Dog Museum (2005) by Jonathan Carroll