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Series: Annum Guard

by Author Meredith McCardle


The Eighth Guardian (2014)

I read this really fast . . . it was such an interesting protagonist, who wasn't perfect and the second book has so much potential. I recommend this book to anyone who reads. It's sci-fi, but more novel than anything. It could be a series on Netflix with all its missions and plot twists. The reas...

The Eighth Guardian (2014) by Meredith McCardle

Eighth Guardian, The (2014)

A pretty good book, lots of action and fast paced in the last third. The first half could be frustrating with little or no explanation for certain actions. The romance aspect was hard to get into as well. The boyfriend is barely in the book so it's hard to care about whether or not Amanda/Iris ev...

Eighth Guardian, The (2014) by Meredith McCardle