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Series: 1NightStand

by Author Deanna Wadsworth


The Best Ever (2013)

4.5 stars. This is a wonderful, erotic and emotional quickie. Jason is a geek who had a single sort-of sexual experience when he was fifteen with a jock at his school, Blake. They were kind of friends but nothing more. Fast forward seven years. Jason is tired of being a virgin, and he arranges a ...

The Best Ever (2013) by Deanna Wadsworth

Night with a Dom (2012)

I love short hot reads that have the hint of a HEA. This one definitely fulfilled those standards!! Mel was tired and getting ready to spend another holiday alone. Her new boss calls her into his office on New Years Eve just as she was getting ready to leave to discuss an old venture. Does he...

Night with a Dom (2012) by Casea Major

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (2011)

The 1NightStand stories are for the most part stand-alone and written by different authors. They have certain things in common Castillio Resorts and most importantly Madame Eve who has a gift of matching people who invariably end up with more than 1 night whether it is a forever kind of love or ...

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (2011) by D.L. Jackson

To Feel Again (2011)

The 1 Night Stand Series for some extremely odd reason is one I really enjoy. This book was no exception from the start. Leah and Jackson was a super fast read. I loved it. I don't know why I enjoy these. I think the author could've added a few more pages to lock it up a bit tighter but these are...

To Feel Again (2011) by Valerie Mann

The Virgin and the Playboy (2011)

Julia came off as sweet from the get go. I actually felt bad for her for being so innocent. Which sounds strange but the longer you go with your "V Card" the more difficult it can become (sometimes). I loved how aw struck Mark was with Julia. Being coughs off guard made him likable. I normally d...

The Virgin and the Playboy (2011) by Kate Richards