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Frankie - Fischig, Fies Und Untot (2013)

Frankie - Fischig, fies und untot (2013)

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About book Frankie - Fischig, Fies Und Untot (2013)

I give the book My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish 3 out of 5 stars. All the boys in my class would read this book, but I'm not sure if the girls would like it as much. Some parts of the book are funny, but there is a lot of fighting, pranks and bullying between two brothers. In the story, Tom's older brother Mark wins a goldfish at the fair. He has a science kit that he want to use to experiment on the fish, like an evil scientist. The fish, which Tom names Frankie, ends up dying and Tom and his friend Pradeep bring it back to life by electrifying it with a battery. The goldfish comes back to life as a smart zombie fish that can hypnotize people to do what he wants. Now Frankie wants revenge on Tom for killing him. The book basically has the older brother trying to find Frankie the goldfish so he can kill it and also terrorizing the younger brother and his friend. Some parts are funny, but there is a lot of bullying and saying words that brothers should not say to each other. It's a good book, but I don't know if I will read the series. This is a fun book about Frankie, a goldfish who becomes zombiefied after a science experiment. This book had two stories, the first was about how Frankie came to be and the second was about an incident at school. There is the underlying rivalry between little brothers and big brothers. The book is narrated by Tom, a little brother. The kids and I enjoyed every minute of it. My 9-year old son says give it Infinity Stars and my 7-year old daughter says give it 500 stars (but she changed it to infinity when she heard that her brother gave it more stars than she did, hahaha). Since Goodreads doesn't go up that high, I'll have to settle for 5 stars.

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My son loved the whole collection. As in LAUGH OUT LOUD loved. Had to buy all of the 1st 3.

Good for kids who like NERDS or Diary of a Wimpy Kid - but pretty much what you'd expect...

Great fun for younger readers with lots of silliness and humour.

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