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Forge (2011)

Forge (2011)

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If I had young readers in my home, I would definitely stock my shelves with this wonderful, historical set of books. Not only are the books interesting and entertaining, but my favorite part may be the appendixes where the author answers questions about her books, adding additional reading suggestions for further exploration. I learned more about Valley Forge in this book than any other I have read:) After escaping a British prison in New York City during the Revolutionary War, Curzon lives as a fee black with his friend Isabel Gardener. When she leaves unexpectedly one day, taking all of their money with her, he is forced to make a living on his own and decides to rejoin the continental army. Although he faces prejudice and hardship, he ultimately enjoys his life as a soldier until his former master finds him and once again forces him into slavery. This is an incredibly well researched and detailed novel about what it was like to live in Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. Curzon is an entertaining narrator and the difficult situations he finds himself in time and time again makes this a suspenseful read. Older elementary aged children and young adults will enjoy this novel. It may especially appeal to boys.

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Fantastic writing! I loved the history in this book. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

Perfect rendition of the struggles of the enslaved during the American Revolution

Awesome can't wait till the third book come out.

Why did noone tell me there is a sequel?!?!?

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