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Forever My Girl (2012)

Forever My Girl (2012)

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0988695103 (ISBN13: 9780988695108)
Bandit Publishing Company

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The book got me all railed up."Forever Girl" this book says that a guy can treat a girl like trash.Liam Left Josi for 10yrs and came back(not for josie) to his town.When he knows he has a 9yr old son he gets all lovey dovey on his family.How can She let him in.Then there is Nick who was treated like trash by Josie.Maybe thats why LIam amd Josie loves each other i think.No selfrespect or anger at wast of time :( I liked this. I really really liked this. It did make my heart hurt a little more than usual but that was probably because the last two books I read were like over the top cheesefest basically.I've noticed that people called Liam selfish and I agree, to an extent. What he did was crappy. When you're in a relationship, THAT kind of relationship, the supposedly forever one, you can't really afford to be as selfish as to just pack up and leave to do whatever you want. You're supposed to talk to each other. However, I completely understand where he was coming from and how he was suffocating with it all. That's what I appreciated about this book, it didn't make it all about the girl he was desperately in love with. I'm assuming that's the insight we get in the prequel. And like, obviously, we readers, wanted him to always choose her (which he did after, and you could see the regret he had, you could see that his love for her stayed the same), but even if you love someone as much as Liam loved Josie, it's hard to let go of basically all of your life's goals just to accommodate other people. Especially when you're 18 and don't really know what the world has to offer you. He knew better afterwards and he wanted to have both worlds. His love, his son and his career. The way it should have been in the first place.So yeah, it was lovely.

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This book was one of the worst i've read.

A captivating second chance love story.


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