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Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories From The Underground Railroad (2005)

Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories from the Underground Railroad (2005)

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About book Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories From The Underground Railroad (2005)

The subtitle simply does not adequately describe the incredible stories DeRamus relates here. The people whose stories she tells in Forbidden Fruit are mind-blowing; I can't imagine having to do the things they had to do. Some of the people had to walk for thousands of miles, until they reached Detroit or Canada; some shipped themselves folded up in small crates; some were chased by dogs. I suppose that the details of their escapes are not so different from the details of the escapes of many slaves prior to the Civil War, but DeRamus really brings the stories to life.She focuses on slaves who were escaping in order to stay with their spouse or family, or to be with a man or woman with whom they'd fallen in love. Included are several stories of interracial couples, of former owners and slaves becoming couples, and of slave couples being separated.The stories are very moving and so important. I think slavery is something a lot of people don't really think about anymore, but these stories are important, and remembering these people is important. The book is enjoyable and inspirational. If you want to feel grateful for your life, for the fact that you have freedom and choices, not to mention food and clothes, you will after reading these stories. You may also be inspired to feel more grateful for your spouse and to reflect upon how lucky it is to have married the person you love and to have been able to do so. Of course, some of us still can't marry freely, but I'm hopeful that will change soon too.

These stories are both heart-wrenching when you feel for the families being separated and brutalized and inspiring when you think about the lengths people went to be together. I hear the challenges and injustices people fought through to be able to be with the people they love and it makes me really think how strong the people in these situations had to be and how much they believed in the love they shared. The love that they have for each other is visibly the most valuable thing in their lives. Today sometimes being able to be with the person(s) you love seems taken for granted. Reading this I think how blessed I am to be able to share a life with someone who I love. People who want to be together should be able to and others should not stand in the way of their happiness. The Betty DeRamus does a great job gathering these stories and sharing them.

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