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Fools Rush In (2009)

Fools Rush In (2009)

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0800733428 (ISBN13: 9780800733421)
Fleming H. Revell Company

About book Fools Rush In (2009)

Christian romance isn't my normal genre when reading, but I needed a book to read on my phone and this one was in my nook library, it was a freebie I had picked up at some point. I felt like the whole God thing went in waves, at times it was thrown in your face at others it was more subtle. I liked the subtle better. What kept me reading was the mad cap capers that went on with the wedding, with Bella and DJ and their families. There were times I found myself laughing and my co-worker asked me what I was reading. As I started to explain things he shook his head laughing along with me. I look forward to reading more in this series, to see what happens with the medieval wedding and if Bella and DJ will get married themselves. This was a fun, entertaining read, which had some similarities to the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', except in this case, the heroine is a wedding planner, not a bride. The cast of characters are quirky and fun and there's enough slapstick/disaster/comedy type moments to bring the occasional smile to the readers face.There was nothing particularly deep about the story, but it's perfect to wile away an afternoon with a read which will keep you entertained and the pacing and action was good.

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1.5 stars. Definitely heavy on Christian references and kind if cheesy but I did get it for free,

I could barely finish reading it and that was done only on willpower.

Cute book

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