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Folly Beach (2010)

Folly Beach (2010)

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0061961272 (ISBN13: 9780061961274)
William Morrow

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I enjoyed this book, especially the interaction between the family members. Things fell into place a bit too neatly, but it was still a good read. It doesn't surprise me that Cate was not mourning the suicide of her late husband because I think she had mourned the end of the marriage years ago, while it continued to drag on. He certainly had shown no consideration for her or their children for years. It was almost like he deliberately set out to rub their faces in how little regard he had for them. She was ready to get a life and I don't blame her. It's hard for me to tell if I would like a book as well turning pages and as do listening while walking, folding laundry or washing dishes. I enjoyed this book very much and will now look for Porgy and Bess on Netflix. The story is a bit neat and tidy as far as Cate getting through the tragedy of her husband's suicide as easily and successfully as she did, but I enjoyed meeting the Heywards and learning their history with the Gershwins.

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Not my favorite Frank book...I found it hard to follow on occasion and even uninteresting in places.

Starts good, goes downhill.

Summer fluff--kinda cheesy

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