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Fogarty (2012)

Fogarty (2012)

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After three tall tales spun by JJ one becomes accustomed to his incremental "what happens next" approach to storytelling and inured to the whopping improbability he is inclined to drop in close to the end. In this instance it was the incursion of seven-foot painted Maoris. The next book is set in Dubai, a city I know much better than the City of London. I look forward to all manner or surprises.I am also beginning to wonder whether the JJ brand does not apply to a small team of authors. The City of London books have been published at yearly intervals and they are not by any means short stories. This amount of output, purportedly that of a man with a demanding 'day job' arouses my curiosity. Seven-foot Maoris as co-writers?

This was the BEST of the four books by far!!So much more realistic and the storyline was pretty easy to follow unlike some of the other books. The gang culture and rivalries were more believable than all the top secret agents and spy characters featured in the other books.Really enjoyed this, and it came pretty close to being just as thrilling as 48 hours.Oh how I wish Jackson produced more works like this rather than going a little over the top with the plots making them more appropriate for a 10 year old.

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