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Flowertown (2012)

Flowertown (2012)

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1612183026 (ISBN13: 9781612183022)
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Seeing as though I bought this for £0.99 on my kindle I was amazed at how well written it was; and the character depth was amazing, with so much detail of the smallest of characters i.e. Mr McDonald's speeches in the last chapters. Ellie being another strong female lead which you can't help but love and root for, as it is portrayed that she is a mess, and that is caused by the Feno Chemical spill in a small town in Iowa. That plot twist at the end just had me in awe and shock, it's one of those that makes you want to read it again but in a different perspective. I picked up FLOWERTOWN after being recommended it via the Amazon Kindle site. I was not disappointed! This is an excellent story about a chemical spill that results in a small seven mile stretch being quarantined and the people stuck there, never being allowed to leave. Of course, no such story would be complete without there being some kind of conspiracy. I loved every page and found myself getting more and more invested in every new chapter. As the story drew to a close, I was devastated to find out that not only did it now end the way I had expected but that the door was left open for the chance of a second book. Excellent story telling by S. G Reading and I would definitely recommend this book!

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A great story line - "what would you do" scenarios abound in this doomsday with a heart novel.

And now my wait for a sequel begins.

Surprisingly good and original!

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