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Félon (2000)

Félon (2000)

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This tome sets the stage for the tremendous Angron-Roboute Gulliman battle (Lorgar Aurelian is there too, of course).A true moment of moments for the Heresy, as the Nails drive Angron completely over the edge, and Lorgar evolves him into Daemonhood in order to save (?!) him.I will always enjoy reading about the Ultramarines primarch, a tragic figure who SHOULD have been Warmaster and would have brought about the golden age that Emperor so devoutly wished for... ADB proving his Heresy chops again. Fast becoming one of my favourite BL authors. The novel itself is a character piece more than any other Heresy book. Angron has only been presented so far as a bloodthirsty caricature rip off of Spartacus. This novel adds much more depth to the 'broken' primarch. He's driven by the Nails and his mind is slowly degenerating. Gone is the 'killing is fun' shtick that has coloured the character in previous appearances. Instead, he must do so to survive. Most of this tale is told through the eyes of Kharn, who also is much more of a sympathetic character in ADB's hands. I ended up rooting for the Eighth Captain by the end. In terms of the over arcing story of the Heresy itself this book shows how much of an absolute douche Erebus is. Enjoyed from start to finish and looking forward to the next Heresy book from this author.

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A very good book, drawn me in quite in the beginning and wouldn't let free until finished.

Possibly the darkest, most tragic book in the series yet. And that is saying something.

A very good addition to the series.The first time I ever appreciated the World Eaters.

Utterly brilliant

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