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Flight Of Eagles (1999)

Flight of Eagles (1999)

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Jack Higgins tells the amazing story of Max and Harry Kelso, identical twin brothers of German-American descent. In World War I, their father, Jack Kelso, flew for the Royal British Flying Corps. He fell in love with his German nurse, Baroness Elsa Von Halder, while hospitalized after his plane was shot down, and married her and sent her to live with his father in the United States. She bore him twins Max and Harry, and after Jack’s death, she wanted to return to Germany with them. The boys’ grandfather was rather fond of them and talked Elsa into leaving the younger twin in the United States with him, so Harry was raised as an American, and Max became Baron Von Halder in Germany. Both boys loved to fly as much as their father had, and when World War II broke out, Harry volunteered for the RAF while Max climbed the ranks in the Luftwaffe. Over the years, Max and Harry crossed paths, sometimes unwittingly, a few times, until suddenly their combined fates have an impact on the outcome of the war. By Harry’s side throughout the story is Tarquin the teddy bear, dressed in a flight suit and wearing pilot’s wings. Tarquin flew with Jack Kelso on every flight in the First World War, and took up his post in the cockpit again during the Second World War with Harry. It is enigmatic Tarquin who sets off the events in this story.Though time is not taken to delve deeply into the thoughts and feelings of the characters, the story is so compelling, and so well-woven, it didn’t really matter. I came to care about everyone in this story, especially the heartbreaking Kelso twins. The story moves from Harry’s life and contacts in Britain to Max and Elsa’s story in Germany in such a way that I practically felt I was there. The whole time the story ambles along, events are in motion on both sides of the war that slowly, inexorably come to a head. By that time, the pages were turning themselves.This is the first novel by Mr. Higgins that I have read, and I will definitely be reading more. Putting a unique perspective on World War II and the people involved in it from the top brass to the barmaids who serve them on both sides, both big and small characters alike come to life while history unfolds from the cockpit of a fighter plane. This is an excellent book for World War II buffs and action fans alike

This Flight of the Eagles follows a similar theme of the previous novels written by Jack Higgins, such as The Eagle has Landed which sold over 50 million copies. The novel takes place during World War 2 and is about two brothers, both fliers, who fight on different sides. It is an easy novel to read and follow, and I found it very entertaining. There are some twists and turns, and I looked forward to reading the book, and once started found it difficult to put down. i read some of the other reviews and cannot agree with the negative reviews. If you want to relax and read an entertaining story this is for you. I am a big fan of Jack Higgins and always enjoyed his novels. Jack Higgins penned many novels under the names of James Graham, Martin Fallon, and Hugh Marlowe, Patterson began using the pseudonym Jack Higgins in the late 1960s. Some readers feel all his novels should be of the quality of the Eagle has Landed, but how many home runs can you hit. The Eagle Has Landed, was written in 1975, and defined the war novels of the 70's. This novel made Higgins' reputation. The novel represented a step forward in the length and depth of Patterson's work and sold 50 million copies and was made into a hit movie. The Eagle has flown is sort of a novel in a series, The Eagle Has Landed (1975), Touch the Devil (1982), Confessional (1985), and The Eagle Has Flown (1991) Night of the Fox (1986), Cold Harbour (1989) and Flight of Eagles (1998). The novels sort of follow the same theme although different main characters are involved in some of the novels.This is a very entertaining novel which is worth reading, you would definitely enjoy the story line!

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My rating and review of this book is completely subjective. I was on holidays in my late-teens when my father handed me the book and said, 'Read this.' So I read it. Being a teenager, I wasn't looking forward to the prospect. There were beaches to visit, fun to be had and new friends to be made. However, after the first page of Flight of Eagles. My friends had to wait..!Flight of Eagles follows the paths of two brothers - twins, in fact - during World War II. Both of them are pilots. Both of them are aces. Both of them are good-looking, sharp-tongued fellows with devil-may-care attitudes. Yet both of them have honour. The twist? One is flying for the RAF; the other is flying for the Luftwaffe...I must have read this book seven or eight times - whenever I feel like reading a boys' own adventure, this is my go-to book. When I read it, I'm a teenager again...
—Geoff Nolan

I liked this better than another Higgins book (can't remember the title) that had too many characters or plots twists or something to follow on audibook. Here, in contrast, the story held together as twin brothers ended up on opposite sides in WWII. The heros, both ace fighter pilots, pursued honor for honor's sake without regard to the politics of their war masters. The final twist at the end, that the twins had switched places, seemed designed to make the point that they were indistinguishable

I'm a big fan of Higgin's works but this book is far below the quality of his usual output. If you've never read Higgins, don't do yourself a disservice by starting with this novel as he's written far better works. Try THE EAGLE HAS LANDED, SOLO, COLD HARBOUR, ANGEL OF DEATH and DRINK WITH THE DEVIL.The main problem with this particular, outside of it being too predictable , is simply that too much of the story is put into narrative form. In other words, Higgins rushes through what happens in a summary fashion rather than detailing the pieces more and laying out the emotional context.

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