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First Into Action (1999)

First Into Action (1999)

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I've read other books about the SBS, but this is the only one I've seen by an ex-member of the SBS. It's a good, entertaining account of the author's time in SBS. Much of it covers Northern Ireland, but it also includes mention of marine anti-terrorist rehearsals on oil rigs and the like.The author seems frustrated that the SAS get more recognition than the SBS, and this comes through quite strongly sometimes. The author sometimes states that he can't give details about various aspects. This seems to crop up more in the later parts of the book and in relation to anti-terrorist techniques.Annoyingly, the Kindle edition has some formatting errors, where several words do not have spaces between them. An example: "With four or five hundred yards to go we decided, thankfully, wewereontrack. Thenavigatorhaddonehis job perfectly." I don't know if these errors are present in the print editions.

The more I think about this book the more I like it. The personal nature of the story, the human experience of a man on course to become the best killer training can produce--I found his voice engaging and at times even comedic despite the grave nature of the events he described. The only reason I didn't give the book five stars was because of the lack of combat descriptions. Perhaps, the author didn't have the luxury of disclosing the strategies and techniques behind the firefights he must have experienced in SBS. But no matter, the humor and the structure of the tale where humor leads inevitably to dramatic end for many characters well compensates for the lack of "I shot Osama between the eyes" combat moments.

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First time I read a book about the SBS and besides learning the truth behind who was really behind some of the special forces operations originally associated with the SAS, I can't say I learned a lot. A little detailed description of events, equipment sand techniques could have helped too. Also since dates are missing I had to go through all the trouble of correlating known events to the ones mentioned in the book to find out there approximate time period. But all in all if your intention was to tarnish the image of the SAS, congratulations! You have done it.

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