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Firefox (1982)

Firefox (1982)

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I remember my birthday in 1982 for 2 main reasons - as a 14 year old I was dismayed to find out that I would have to wait until Christmas to see E.T. - and that the much anticipated 'Firefox' premiere missed my birthday by a month. Then my Father pulled out a surprise present - and encouraged me to take it up the garden to open on my own (usually an indication of it being something my mother would disapprove of). There -In the dappled sunlight under the willow tree -I unwrapped Craig Thomas' Firefox. And read it spellbound until the fading light would allow me no more. I finished the book the next day under the same tree - and instantly started reading it again. It was my first spy / espionage / 'techno thriller'. The jack-hammer pace of unfolding events coupled with the brilliantly researched hardware - convincing characters with surprising depth (for the speed with which they are introduced) was spellbinding. A truly flawed hero whose weaknesses are intricately linked to his strengths - in my eyes a stroke of genius. I've re- read it many times - along with the several follow up books - each time my heart racing at the perils encountered by Mr Gant. A true classic.

10p from a second hand shop ! Donna Tartt mentioned she was reading one of his books when she was on tour (to a somewhat confused silence).Probably better known as a film - the second book was a result of the film rather than book sales. Efficient thriller although it is now showing its age (there is only one computer in Russia and a lot of squabbling over who is going to use it). The main character is the best pilot out there, and if you forget it don’t worry, it will be mentioned again and again before the end of the book.

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It must have been the cover that sold me on this book, because it wasn't my usual cup of tea. I was still an Agatha Christie mystery reader for the most part, back then.But I loved this book. Back when the US was still in the Cold War with the USSR, the idea that Russia had an aircraft so far superior to anything we had or could possibly conceive of, and could blast any plane we had out of the sky... was a scary and realistic thought. The idea to sneak a pilot into the Russia base, and steal the aircraft by flying it back to the US, was written very suspensfully. That the one and only pilot the USould find who had the capability to fly this jet fighter, was also on the verge of a mental breakdown, only added to the thiller.I didn't think the movie did the book justice.
—Michael R.

-En su estilo y en su tiempo, una pequeña joya. Aunque ha llovido desde entonces.- Género. Ciencia-Ficción (aunque sea por poco). Lo que nos cuenta. Cuando la URSS desarrolla un cazabombardero invisible al radar, que supera Match 5 y que tiene un sistema de armamento guiado por impulsos neuronales, los servicios de inteligencia occidentales más potentes son conscientes del desequilibrio de fuerzas que supone el nuevo avión y trazan un plan para hacerse con uno de los dos prototipos existentes, infiltrando al experimentado piloto Mitchell Grant en territorio hostil.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:

Sandra wrote: "This book is by Craig Thomas and Cllint Eastwood starred in the movie of the same name."Thank you Sandra, I remember the movie well and enjoyed seeing it about 2 or 3 times on TV as well as in the theater.

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