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Find You In The Dark (2012)

Find You in the Dark (2012)

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About book Find You In The Dark (2012)

I didn't like this story very much, but the three stars that I rated it were for the plot and the end.Clay was a selfish jerk and I hated him for that, I know that he has mental issues but for the sake of the only girl he ever loved couldn't he think of her? Love isn't just about desire and pleasure and fun, it's about selflessness and honesty and patience... Maggie was stupid and blind and in love, a perfect combination to get hurt. She loved Clay endlessly and she even gave up all the people she loved for him, but most times he rewarded her patience and tolerance and selflessness by being a total jerk to her.I totally loved the end and that the only thing will keep me reading the following books in this series. It was acceptable and logical and emotional... I loved this book and was initially disappointed how it ended. It left Mag and Clay's story open with a lot loose ends. However, that's when I figured out there is a second book--Light in the Shadows. I cannot wait to read it!... I would definitely the 'Find You in the Dark' series if you are looking for a more realistic love story that has the love story along with the struggles that comes with every relationship, e.g., defending the relationship, the fight between one's heart (how you feel) and head (what you know), the other's imperfections.There is also a second love story going on all the while, which has its own book (a novella--Find You in the Dark 1.5--Cloud Walking).

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great book but a little bit repetitive ! even though i really like the story and the characters!

It was a bad idea for me to read this book right before school starts. Now I'm a mess.

Let's just say I have very mixed feelings about this novel...

Sad, Emotional Read. But great story and writing

Loved it!!!!

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