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FF, Vol. 1: Fantastic Faux (2013)

FF, Vol. 1: Fantastic Faux (2013)

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0785166637 (ISBN13: 9780785166634)

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I think this one definitely requires more background. It might be volume #1 of the FF Marvel Now books, but it clearly follows an ongoing story involving the Fantastic Four and... possibly a lot of other people? I had no idea who a lot of these people were, other than Johnny Storm and Scott Lang. (Where does that fit with Young Avengers? Isn't he Cassie's dad, and isn't he dead? Or did he come back amidst the timeline crossing?)Anyway, there were fun aspects to this -- the line "All of you pale before our hetero-normative cisgendered classification of family!" is a winning one, and there's some other good one-liners. Which I'd kind of expect from Matt Fraction, really. There was a really nice bit where he fit in a trans* character, dealt with sensitively, yet in such a normal way -- it barely caused a blink, and yet it worked well. I liked that bit a lot. Oh, and She-Hulk is great.Overall, though, I don't have enough context to really enjoy this. Too bad the library's collection of comics is generally spotty. Yet another much-hyped Matt Fraction book I was told I must read. My biggest complaint about this volume is that it begins with issue 4. You have to buy Fraction's terrible Fantastic Four volume 1 to get issues 1-3. Bad idea, Marvel. Nevertheless, this is a very enjoyable comic. Fraction tells a light-hearted, not so serious story that flows very well. Mike Allred is the real star here. Some of the best comics art you will ever find. Fun superhero comics.

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Seems very all age comics. I'm just not a fan of this Fantastic Four team.

Some of my favorite issues of the series.

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finished 11/9/14

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