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Farm City: The Education Of An Urban Farmer (2009)

Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer (2009)

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About book Farm City: The Education Of An Urban Farmer (2009)

When we were assigned this book for class, I had thought to myself that it would be a book I wouldn't enjoy much. So far from what I have read in this book, it is very interesting.It's not a book that would be n my interest to read, but I guess I was wrong. I love how the author had set up this book, it seems a lot more personal and not much of a description and is very up front about whats going on. Maybe because I've been to Oakland many times in my life I can picture what she is describing very well. I really like this book so far and it's a very good read that a teacher has assigned to read for once. I'm always up for a good read about someone jumping into the deep end of a big pond and not knowing what they'll find. Here, Carpenter and her partner, Bill, are living in Oakland, California. They decide to squat on a vacant lot near their apartment and plant a garden. Then raise chickens. Then bees. Then bunnies and pigs. You get the idea (or maybe you don't? it is kind of odd, no?). But, I enjoyed her journey and learning through her trials and tribulations. Also some very interesting history on urban farming.That said, I'm a rule follower and I hated the idea that she was squatting. Then, after acquiring the chickens - and then the pigs, she'd dumpster-dive for food for the animals. Granted - it would go to waste if she hadn't taken it to feed them, but ASK for heaven's sake. Eventually this happens, and she learns to make sausage and charcuterie from one of the local chefs for when she butchers her pig, but STILL. It made me feel vaguely unhappy that she was breaking laws.And here's the other thing. Like I said, there's the part of me that enjoys people diving into the unknown (and especially going all Ma Ingalls to get back to their roots). BUT the self-deprecating "we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with getting two pigs so we could have bacon" thing got really old - especially after following that same journey with Carpenter with the chickens, bees and bunnies. You had to know that raising pigs - and the ultimate slaughter - was going to be HUGE so why not prepare? Just a little? Her experiment of just eating what she cultivated for a month was a bit tedious, as well (but without the condescension of others I've read). And I did like that she wasn't too preachy. The protestation that she was NOT a hippie, though, seemed more wishful thinking than anything else to this hobby gardener who can barely keep her basil alive.Interesting if you are into this kind of adventure through farming.

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If you care about gardening or animals or food, you will probably enjoy this book :)

This was hilarious and inspiring. A very fast, fun read and an endearing voice.

Good read. Even for a vegan. Still won't make me a meat eater though!

Interesting, but also infuriating at her sense of self-importance.

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