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Falsos Recuerdos (2012)

Falsos recuerdos (2012)

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About book Falsos Recuerdos (2012)

There was never a dull moment and that had got to be the best thing.I specifically adore familia love which is why I was so off the hook with this book. I love the chemistry of the characters also Im a sucker for good romance. Athough I think love triangles are so overrated, but this book? It's just the perfect formula. Not such a cliche. Like any good book it keeps me guessing and grasping for more action like hell, it drove me crazy. Its a fullpacked thrill that will leave you hanging. I defenitely recommend it to sci fi fantasy ya suckers. Haha. There were some good things about this book and some not so great things. I thought the idea itself was great, but it could have been implemented better. I don't really like love triangles and the one in this book was especially weird. Also, while I liked that the author wasn't afraid to kill off characters, they didn't always stay dead, which then made the deaths less important. I did really like the idea and the writing itself was pretty good.

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3.5 Stars, i got lost at the end, so many Mirandas, so many Mr. North, im so confused right now

heck. yes.

3.5 stars



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