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Fallen Crest High (2000)

Fallen Crest High (2000)

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About book Fallen Crest High (2000)

5 stars!!!!This book was fantastic! It drew me in immediately and kept me captivated and wanting more right to the very end!The story revolves around a 17 year old girl called Samantha her life is basically flipped on its head when she gets home from school one day to find her mother surrounded by boxes and telling her they are moving out, divorcing her dad and moving in with another man. Sam goes through a lot more through out this book eg. bad friends, a break up, a psychotic mother and future step brothers who ignore her.She is eventually embraced by her step brothers Mason and Logan Kade and they protect her from everything that is thrown her way.She also begins a relationship with Mason and boy its hot!you will have to read the rest yourselves. This has a lot of high school and life drama so if that's not your kind of book don't bother but it was right up my ally! The main character, Sam doesn't have emotion in her body. She doesn't seem to care about anything or anyone. We find out later in the book that they use that to create her "badass" image. Off the bat, once Sam and her mom move in with the Kades, the richest family in town, her future stepbrother, Mason, won't stop staring at her. Every room Sam entered, and if Mason was around, he'd stare; it was completely weird. The author creates a relationship between the two but it's just plain weird and it's not hot at all, it's as if they were just kinda pushed together from the author.Sam does seem to have a pretty fucked up life; her parents are divorcing, she's force to move with her mom, her mom is a heinous bitch, her dad turns out to not be her biological dad, her boyfriend of three years has been cheating on her for two, and with her own "best friend", Jessica, while her other "best friend" Lydia covered for the the whole time, and the entire school hates Sam because she's now connected to the Kades and everyone whose anyone wants to be associated with those two, except Sam, because she could give two shits about them…..until she realizes she's hot for her future stepbrother, Mason. The story was just weird, every time I put the book down, I found myself saying, "WTF." I also didn't know how to react to Sam & Mason's relationship, just knowing that's a step sibling, I'm not sure what to think. Also, it had quite the adult drama that I felt was just thrown into the story and it was a bit unnecessary; Anelise (Sam's mom) cheating on David (Sam's not-so-biological-father) and is dating James Kade, who cheated on his wife, who cheated on James for Sam's BIOLOGICAL dad who has a wife of his own but obviously cheated on her with Mrs. Kade. It's all one cheating bonanza! Almost everyone cheats and it's pathetic! This story felt so rushed and I felt no connection whatsoever with Sam and Mason. I tried feeling something but couldn't. And the grammatical errors! Oh the errors!!! This book was a huge waste of my time. Stay. Away. From. This.

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Literally all this book contains is high school drama. But Mason y'all, he makes it worth it.

I loveeeee this series once I started reading I wasn't able to put it down..

3.5 stars.What did I just read?

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