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Faith & Fidelity (2008)

Faith & Fidelity (2008)

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About book Faith & Fidelity (2008)

I can't say I like this book. But can't say I hate it either. Its more of a neutral standing thing.That is because I expected the real intercourse sex from the beginning of the book and as the story progress, it keeps getting pushed back and even ended with them on bed together finally but ends there without the real sex going on. I have not yet started on the second book of the series, but omg the wait for the sex is so torturous because every gay novel I read so far always have at least two intercourse sex in a book. This book is... I don't know, torturous? I totally enjoyed reading this book for a lot of reason. The writing was exemplary and the characters are very, very interesting - unexpected but interesting. I’m not really buying the “suddenly gay” stuff between Evan and Matt but I’m a firm believer that you cannot choose who you love. Really. Harhar.I loved how realistic the sex scenes were written as well as the issue with Evan’s in-laws. I’m glad that Tere Michaels didn’t go that way trying to make a fairy tale ending. I thought the ending was just perfect as it is.This was a rather relaxing and feel good book that will make you smile wistfully and believe in love and second chances.Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Still one of my favorites, after all these years. :)

Awesome...loved it.


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