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Fair Land, Fair Land (1995)

Fair Land, Fair Land (1995)

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About book Fair Land, Fair Land (1995)

"Fair Land, Fair Land" is the third book in Guthrie's 'Big Sky' series. It's short in length, but not in pleasure. This has been by far the most enjoyable of Guthrie's work. 'Fair Land' picks up the story of Dick Summers immediately at the conclusion of 'The Way West', and follows it to completion. Summers seeks a reckoning with Boone Caudill, a former friend from 'The Big Sky'. Like the books previous, Guthrie's particular genius lies in the descriptive beauty of the untouched frontier, and the sadness of loss in the settlement of the white man. Summers lives life very much away from all but his wife and a friend. He is neither white man, nor red, but respected by all. Through his eyes you see the loss of all hunting game, the forced migration of the Indians, and finally the complete loss of the per-industrialized West. This book is a fantastic read, and worth going through the previous two to reach this part of Summers' journey.

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