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Eyes Like Stars (2009)

Eyes Like Stars (2009)

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About book Eyes Like Stars (2009)

This was a weird ride and probably not for everyone. It is a growing up and exploration of past to becoming a grownup and going out on your own story, and in some ways very basic and juvenile and paint by numbers. What sets it apart is how it's written. I'll tell you the truth, I was not expecting this when I read the story, and I cannot tell you how this world work. Mostly because I'm not sure if the theatre is supposed to be the only magical thing in this world, and the rest is mundane, or if other parts of the world hold their own types of magic. Part of the problem is that we only see the theatre world, and while the outside world is talked about, because of the encompassing--do not leave part of the theatre, we do not know how it works. It causes a lot of distracting questions to spring up, but in some ways that is good, because it puts us in the same boat as the protagonist, if not sharing her insistence on staying. The main character was not very relatable, at least not to me, and I could not tell you her age if I tried. But she was zany, and while the fairies might have been irritating on the big screen, in the book their comments and antics were fun, and it complimented the main character well and reflected her childish character enough for me to understand and applaud their inclusion. Still, this book, in its own way is very stilialied in how it is written and the actions and ways characters act. So while I enjoyed it, I could see how it would drive others to hating the book. It does take a bit to settle into the story, but the beginning was slow enough, or simple enough, that I didn't miss anything while orientating myself to the new "style" and voice of the characters driving the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to read more from the author and more in the series. I bought the book a few years ago, and like many of the books sitting on my shelves, that's exactly what it did - it sat. After reading a few books that didn't slide into the young adult genre, I was itching to read something that fit it perfectly. Bertie has always lived in the Theatre Illuminata. Not knowing any other life, she made friends with the characters of all of the plays ever written. Even though she lived in the theater, she never had a part; she always caused trouble for the stage manager and abusing the stage that has been transformed into her bedroom. When the stage manager finally has enough of her antics, he calls a meeting of all of the actors and actresses - not including Bertie. Being the mischievous girl that she is, she skips her meeting with the theater manager and sneaks into the auditorium with the cast. No amount of guessing and wondering what the meeting was about has prepared her for what the meeting is really about. And the news will change who Bertie is forever. My favorite Shakespearian play is A Midsummer's Nights Dream. The small faeries that fly about and have minimal parts in the play, are the best friends of Bertie. The novel gave life to some plays that have died over the years. (There were some plays that even I didn't know about.) Even though Ariel (one of the bars to the love triangle) is infuriating through most of the novel, he makes up for it in the end. He is not as desired as Nate. Although, you will have conflicting thoughts about what the author decides to do with the two characters by the end of the novel.

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This is one of the best books I've ever read. Seriously love this series.

Yay! Definitely a good book to have around.


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