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Extra Yarn (2012)

Extra Yarn (2012)

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0061953385 (ISBN13: 9780061953385)
Balzer + Bray

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I think I liked the illustrations in this book better than the "story". There didn't really seem to be a point to the story. I would agree with the previous reviewer -- Tatiana -- who felt the plot lacked a problem and thus a satisfying resolution. But the execution of the illustrations was spot on -- spare images for a spare story, but with just the right amount of color [note the total lack of color in the archduke's world]. I'll look for more Jon Klassen books. Annabelle lived in a snow and soot covered town with no color. One day she found a box of yarn and decided to knit a sweater for her and her dog. She continued knitting everyone and everything that lived in this colorless town a sweater or hat. Soon this town became colorful again. Word of Annabelle’s knitting and endless box of yarn stretched around the world to an archduke. This archduke sailed to Annabelle’s town and offered her ten million dollars for the box of yarn. She refused. The archduke hired people to steal the box from Annabelle. Once the box was in the hands of the archduke, he returned to his country. He opened the box only to find it empty. The archduke threw it in the ocean and cursed Annabelle. The story ends with the box returning to Annabelle and she continues knitting from the endless box of yarn.With the winter just beginning and the landscape losing its color already, this was a refreshing book to read. This is a wonderful story about doing something for others, thinking of others, and just making your world a bit more colorful. To use this in a classroom, a teacher could have the children draw and decorate a sweater of their own. A teacher could also have their children make a craft and then choose a friend to give it to.

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Less is more. This is my favorite kids' picture book to date. I will say no more

Not sure the target audience appreciates it as much as I do...and I really do.

Cute picture books recommended by my daughter since her kids loved it.

Children really liked this book in story time at the library.

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