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Evermore (2009)

Evermore (2009)

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031253275X (ISBN13: 9780312532758)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Evermore (2009)

I suggest not reading this book if you are not into intense relationship romance, it grossed me out and just got me confused and yeah, etc.It was bad-ish, no, it was awful. After a while I was asking myself if I should keep reading. I just hate when the characters are confused, and Ever was so confused she started drinking and making awful decisions. I had a hard time thinking about Ever and Damen's relationship it plain confuses me, it's just not my kind of love thing. But I finished it, but I'm not interested in the other books really after the next book intro, it's a no-no to me:{ yuck! I enjoyed this book it reminds me of Twilight… Girl meets mysterious boy, only this girl is not normal. She can see things that others can’t and she can read minds. She thinks its because of an accident that happened with her family although its apart of the reason but not completely. Now on to this mysterious boy lol he’s something more as well. And what else you know we have to have someone from the past to tear them apart cant be all love and tulips: lol I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

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One of my first reads as a teen and I've read the full series and it's great - very different :)

Love the character's name, Ever. A sweet love story for the times.

Fall in love with Ever and her "ever more"


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