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Eternal Blood (A Novella) (2012)

Eternal Blood (A Novella) (2012)

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About book Eternal Blood (A Novella) (2012)

This very short read was intriguing, sexy, & a bit scary.You get some great scenes in this one especially with Gray & Dillon. But the best enlightenment comes with the information Gray receives about himself & his birth right. Which sets him on a path of more danger but one of purpose. Gray gets a true sense of his destiny. Making the choice of leaving his self destructive behavior behind. And I can't wait to see how this plays out in this series. Awesome short read.. I do wish it could have been longer.. But I do love the longer Excerpt we get for "Eternal Captive" with this eread.. Aimless Gray (and thus the reader) gets to experience what being an Impure is like when the Order grabs him for the blood castration ritual. He finds out more about his father, Jeremy, and a question is raised regarding the fire that put him in a coma so many years ago. Of course, he is saved by Dillon, whom he lusts after (but she likes his sister Sara who is Alex's mate - what kind of love polygon is this?). His experience fuels his drive to save the Impures in the Paleo and he ends up more focused at the end of this story. Overall, nicely done.

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quite a good prelude for Gray's story, but not that strong.

Provided the needed background on Gray's true heritage.

I loved it, but it was too short

Short yet soooo damn good...

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