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Escritos Secretos (2009)

Escritos Secretos (2009)

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About book Escritos Secretos (2009)

This is such a Romantic story! I was eventually swept up in its dramatic unwinding. Alternating between the journal entries of the 100 year old Roseanne and her doctor at the asylum where she has lived for most of her life, we are gradually given alternate versions of Roseanne's story, a bit at a time, and are compelled to find out how it all plays out. The writing is exquisite, thoughtful, perceptive, and humane.There is lots of period detail about the early 20th century in Ireland, and the violent politics of the time, not all of it very familiar to an American audience. Is there a movie or BBC TV series? I can easily imagine one. A book that teaches us that history is a long and exhausting road, and its never finished, even when you're old and your life was intricately scripted. The subjects of the book are vivid and you can feel what they go through in your gut. There are characters you wish you could strangle because who they are and what they do feel so real, they mirror the time period and you know they will never see the dawn of a more enlightened age because they don't wish to - and the damage they cause is immeasurable. But the time also gives birth to strength and hope that comes to blossom in a future if we're strong enough to seek it. And the end is as satisfying as if I'd done the physical seeking myself. A wonderful book!

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Nicely written but I hate it when books are so predictable!

This is a wonderful, heart-rending book.

Absolutely mesmerizing.


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