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¿Eres Mi Madre? (2012)

¿Eres mi madre? (2012)

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About book ¿Eres Mi Madre? (2012)

I liked this book a lot less than her previous one, relating her story with her father.The drawings are always quite nice, but I found the writting a bit boring, confused, and with lots of bits that had no relation to the "Are You My Mother?" from the title.Ramblings and more ramblings and direct quotations and copies from several psychologists, and Virginia Wolf... I found myself just skipping that, if I wanted to read this kind of technical (and IMO, subjective) information about mother/child relationships, I would look for books in that area, and not a graphic novel about THE relationship between Alison and her mother.And, it also felt that the author has spent most of her life in terapy - nothing wrong with that! - but without really achieving anything by it... At least it was my feeling in the end.The parts that really were in relation to the title of the book, were great! Ugh. Reading this was just pure torture. And I loved "Fun Home" so much & it was so roundly praised! My takeaway is that the author hates her mother. Why? I don't know except that it has something to do - of all things - with Virginia Woolf and some 20th century psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. Alison Bechdel spends 288 pages basically reporting every "terrible" - in her mind - thing her mother has ever said to her. This book seems to believe it is a scientific evaluation of a dysfunctional relationship but what I read was over 200 pages of just mother bashing.

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Al final he destruido a mi madre, y ella ha sobrevivido a mi destrucción.

J'ai arrêté en chemin parce que damn, pu capab'.

Loved it!

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