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Enlightenment For Beginners (2000)

Enlightenment For Beginners (2000)

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About book Enlightenment For Beginners (2000)

This book attracted me because I was looking for some light reading, and this was light, but it was more than that. It was a learning experience about India and the world of ashrams, yoga and meditation, as well as the living conditions and people of India.Amanda is a yoga instructor and author, and her latest assignment is a plum job: write a book called Enlightenment for Idiots. Since it has always been her dream to travel to India to learn from the best gurus, she can't wait to get to it. While spending many months there, she realizes it's not all she had imagined and finds that enlightenment is a most elusive goal. Amid all the learning experiences at the various ashrams, she deals with her zany mother, her controlling but very dear friend, makes a new wacky friend, and tries to get over the love of her life, who has made it very clear that his adventurous ways cannot be contained - all the while dealing with a surprise pregnancy after a brief reconciliation with him before she leaves for India!While many of the yoga terms and Indian words were difficult to understand, I did enjoy this different (for me) type of book. The jacket cover says it's a cross between Sex and the City and Eat, Pray, Love, but I think it stands very well on its own. "When yoga teacher and free-lance writer, Amanda, travels to India in search of material for her new book about "enlightenment", she encounters a variety of captivating characters as she searches for the elusive secret to happiness. Woven throughout this quirky and humorous novel are Amanda's e-mail letters to her editor, description of yoga poses and quotes from Indian philosophers."--DW/St. John Branch

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Cute chick lit, nothing earth shattering.

Really funny, easy reading.

Great Book!

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