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Endless Summer (2010)

Endless Summer (2010)

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1442406593 (ISBN13: 9781442406599)
Simon Pulse

About book Endless Summer (2010)

GET READY CAUSE I'M ABOUT TO TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL:So, I picked up this book (along with some other young adult novels), because I'm in the middle of finals for my first semester of grad school and I wanted to read something that didn't take much effort.Well, this book took some effort alright. I had to put in a lot of effort not to bang my fucking head against a brick wall. I'm not a book snob, but seriously? How does this book have higher review than some of the best written novels in history?The plot was dragged out, the characters were literally fucking stupid, and how in the actual fuck did anyone read this without fucking wincing? This is probably one of the only books I'ver ever read that made me feel dumber for having read it.Just a couple issues I had with it:1. Lori, the main character, is grounded from seeing her boyfriend, Adam. To fix this situation, she decides that it's a good idea to make out with every single one of his brothers plus some. And then gets mad when Adam starts getting jealous. Are you fucking serious? You really didn't fucking expect that? 2. Adam has ADHD and anger issues. Cool. Alright. He blows up at Lori at every possible moment and breaks up with her all the fucking time. I mean, I know this is young adult, but really? It's just teaching teenagers that that kind of relationship is okay and healthy, when it's NOT. From both of their perspectives.3. Everyone seems to somehow be okay with them being totally fucking wrong for each other? Like no one once said "Hey, if your boyfriend breaks up with you three times in one week, he's going to keep fucking doing that!" Cause he will. Or maybe, "It's kind of fucking weird that your girlfriend keeps insisting on making out with your brothers?" Nope, none of that. Seriously, every single character was a fucking dumbass.4. What's up with both of them consistently wanting to make each other jealous? In what world does that make a good relationship? Jesus Christ.Anyways, I gave it one star cause I was actually able to finish it without throwing it out a fucking window (but only because I was thinking of the library fines that would come with doing that).And sorry for my language, this book is just a fucking joke and it pissed me off. Solo quiero decir que los finales abiertos en serio se merecen un maldito puesto en el infierno. ESTE LIBRO DEFINITIVAMENTE SE MERECE ESAS CUATRO ESTRELLAS. Es lectura ligera, pero ¡qué buena lectura ligera! Admito que en un principio tampoco supe con cuál de los hermanos quedarme pero Adam, dios mío. El libro en sí es bien, con buena secuencia, con SUS momentos, su drama (aunque un poco exagerado), su desenlace, todo pero TODO es muy bueno y aw aw aw y Adam y aw. En fin, lo recomiendo y mucho.

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Appears to be written quite young and feels dated. Leaving for now to read something else

3.5 cause it was cute but didn't wow me.

This book was a great read!


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