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Ender's Game, Volume 1: Battle School (2009)

Ender's Game, Volume 1: Battle School (2009)

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0785135804 (ISBN13: 9780785135807)

About book Ender's Game, Volume 1: Battle School (2009)

Enders game is both a adventurous and captivating book. It tells the story of a young boy name Andrew Wiggs, also know as "Ender", who lives in a futuristic world. Having been invaded twice before, by what are commonly know as "Buggers", Earth now prepares their smartest children to take the position of commander if ever a third invasion came. Every child goes through a series of tests since birth and are constantly being evaluated to see which ones the government cuts loose or keeps in the program. Ender is unlike most children around him, he is a genius. He keeps a monitor in up to the age of 6, which is almost unheard of, and then gets shipped off to battle school. Battle school is where most of the story takes place. It is a satellite training facility for kids from ages 6-12 at the most. Here Ender shows extreme promise and because he does the adults managing the program systematically make his life unbearable to see how he reacts to these situations. Still even with all the opposition Ender gains the respect of his fellow peers and grows to be leader that shows as much promise as Mazar Rackom, the Hero that stopped the buggers from winning the fight for Earth. While most of the movie is Ender in battle school much is still skipped that draw you closer to Ender and you begin to empathise a lot more with him while reading the book then you do in the movie.Although kids like Ender devote their lives to defending the Earth they find out little of what is actually going on back at their home planet. After being unified for so long after the Alien invasion citizens begin to get restless. They sacrificed many civic rights so that the government can keep control in the time of war. Buggers however haven't been heard from in years and people begin to question if their really is still a war or not. Sensing this monumental shift in power to come people begin trying to seize this opportunity to gain influence including Enders genius but overly compassionate sister, that's 2 years older than he is, and he his genius overly violent and cynical brother that's 5 years older than him. This grows to be a big part in the book but is overshadowed and never shown in the movie which is quite disappointing.This book has various twist and turns that will continually surprise and excite you. You will continually want to continue reading it and never let the book go. The movie is extremely well made but can not compare to the book. Personally this book is one of my top five favorite reads of all time. I strongly consider this book as a must read for anyone especially people that have yet to find excitement in reading. I just re-read Ender's Game (I think it's the 3rd reading for me). I had seen the recent movie (twice) and am re-reading the set.There were several points I had not recalled correctly, so it was good to have the book clear again. And several points were changed for the movie (not bad changes, they actually work in the movie).I still find this book tremendously moving, and I'm not sure why.

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A good read. I would recommend this to middle schoolers who like to play video games.

Breathtaking and heartbreaking. Just loved it.

Interesting but not my favorite

Love it.Brilliant.

Awesome book

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