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Enchanted (2012)

Enchanted (2012)

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0547645708 (ISBN13: 9780547645704)
Harcourt Children's Books

About book Enchanted (2012)

I love Fairy Tales, all of them. I grew up being read to, then later reading them to myself. Grimm's, Anderson's, Aesop's and Arabian Nights... they all were what I cut my teeth on as a child. Reading Enchanted reminded me of all those wonderful stories. And listening to the Audible version was simply marvelous. I stopped count all the different tales that were woven into this one. Some of my favorites were The Red Shoes, Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk. I can't wait to read Hero, so I can keep up with the Woodcutter family. I won the third book in this series, so I needed to make sure I checked out the first two and get them finished before the third arrived. I will say that I am giving this book a lower rating for reasons below. BUT, I want to say that I am about 50 pages in on the second and many of the issues I had seem to be fixed in the second. So! Read the first as an introduction.The biggest reason why I could not give this book a higher rating is because it was very disjointed. The story, the history, the characters thoughts and actions. I felt like nothing was flushed out and that the actions we bi-polar. One second someone has to do one thing it's the only thing on their mind and then boom they're off on another task. It was very hard to follow, and another big issue is that the history and motives weren't explained well. It was just tough to follow the story. BUT, this is a very creative idea, the first novel I've ever read where not only is there fairy tale retelling (which I love, and have done some myself), but retelling and weaving of fairy tales and characters. It reminds me of the Once Upon a Time TV series, but with more classic Grimm Fairy Tales. Which, I happen to have a volume of, and which I would really like to read through. :) Great concept, poor focus. Second book seems to have fixed this issue somewhat. I am 50 pages in. AND, I really appreciate the publisher sending me the third book in the series as an ARC giveaway. Thank you.

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A bit strange and pretty dull. I don't plan on picking up the rest of the series.

Little snippets of possibly every fairy tale figure into the plot.

whimsical fun easy read with a mix of many tales.

i love it !!! but don't know about "Hero"

Definitely not perfect, but I liked it.

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