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Emma's Heart (2012)

Emma's Heart (2012)

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Review posted on Guilty PleasuresRecommended ReadEmma's Heart was a very well written book by an author that I hadn't read before. I tend to choose books to review written by people that I have never read in hopes of finding new authors that I may enjoy in the future. Well, I would read more by Christelle Minn. In this short story, Ms. Minn brought together 4 people and, amazingly, you knew them and their personalities by the end of the book. You knew there was a spark between Emma and Doc right at the beginning and then Logan was introduced into the story. A lonely man mourning a lost love. Then, add Emma's lost love, Clay and you had the making's of one hot menage a trois/quatre.You kind of knew from the beginning who's heart Emma received during the transplant. But, what surprised me, was the reactions from all parties when they found out. I guess I would have been a little freaked out but Emma and Logan handled it with grace. There was no wondering or worrying, just love and want. Throw in a pair of handcuffs, some toys, a little bondage and you had the makings of a hot menage. Heart stopping, in fact.Emma's Heart brought a true smile to my face. I laughed out loud with this: “The doctor entered, placing a small bag beside the one Clay had laid on the coffee table. “I think under the circumstances, you can call me Joe.” Um, yea, I would think so, especially for the reason he was there.In some short stories, the backgrounds of the characters are lost. You have to fill in blanks and use your own imagination to figure out why or how things could have happened. I congratulate Ms. Minn for bringing these people to life and allowing the reader to understand them.

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