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Embrace The Night (1998)

Embrace the Night (1998)

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I think I should start off this review by stating that I've read so many vampire novels and vampire romances that I fear I may be jaded. I used to love anything that had to do with vampires but now it takes a lot of originality (or humor and/or gut-wrenching emotion) to "wow" me and hold my interest and this book, the first of what I believe is a series, just didn't do it for me.Gabriel is your standard vampire hero. He's gorgeous, sensitive and oh-so-lonely. He's loved and lost in the past and vows to never lose his heart to a mortal again. But all of that changes when he first sees Sara Jayne, an orphaned child who's life he saves. He becomes her self-appointed guardian angel and watches over her as she grows from a sweet child into a beautiful woman. Sara Jayne has emotional problems and one desolate night decides to take her life. This is when Gabriel breaks his pledge and shows himself, thus giving her someone to love and a reason to live.And then the conflicts begin. Gabriel loves Sara but she's mortal and he refuses to subject her to his dreary and cursed existence. Sara loves Gabriel but she's also frightened of him. They pledge their love to each other but things keep happening to force them apart: Gabriel pushes her away because he wants her to experience life (he does this about 3 times), a former lover of Gabriel shows up to make trouble, and eventually Sara gives up hope of ever having a normal life with Gabriel and gets engaged to another man (who could blame her after being rejected so many times?). Inevitably they do find happiness but it's not an easy road to eternal bliss.In all honesty I had a hard time finishing this book because I kept getting the feeling that I had read it all many times before. And during more than one of the separations I had an eerie sense that I had already read the exact same scene some 40 pages earlier. If the characters were more engaging, or the angst-ridden plot lightened with a bit of humor, I may have enjoyed reading this standard vampire scenario again but as it was written I just can't recommend it with any enthusiasm. I never truly cared what happened to either character, I never felt any spark between the pair and I found the repetitive plot slow going.

The first thing that I need for you to do is find a violinist with the saddest piece of sheet music that he/she could possibly play. This will run through your head the entire time that you are reading Part One of this book. Okay, here we go.GIOVANNI OGBNIBENE aka GABRIEL finds toddler ..........SARA JAYNE DUNCAN (last name withheld although it is stated in the Prologue). Sara grows up and becomes a prima ballerina.(enter) MAURICE DELACROIX who just so happens to want to marry Sara but "you know him" does not support that idea.(enter) ANTONINA aka NINA who desires "you know him" therefore, wants to get rid of "you know her"Part Two. Now things are getting interesting (exit the violin music)(1995 enter) SARAH LYNN JOHNSON. She has just lost her spouse, daughter and parents. She spends her time sitting on a park bench when "you know him" is taking a walk through the park one night. He looks at her and finds that she reminds him of someone. She has memories and dreams about someone.QUILLAN is the oldest vampire that Gabriel knows. Gabriel wants something from Quillan. Quillan surprisingly shows up from France bringing with him (2) fledglings DELANO and SYDELLE.So the plot begins and ends. What decision will Sarah make?RECOMMENDATION. Part I - think of hearing a violinist play a sad sad song in the background while you are trying to read this book. Part I and Part II are not balanced. More time was spent writing about events during the Victorian era than was the Contemporary era. The book lacks humor. I give the book (2) stars. One star given for the fact that the author was able to cross from one time period to the other quite well. The second star because I found the book quite interesting in Part II. I only wish the author had chosen to make this a series by writing a second book to make Part II much longer.

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well well i was suprised to see this book in my recomendations seeing it was my very FIRST romance novel i read i fell in love with this book and it still has prize place in my bookshelf. amanda ashley writes spectacular books and yes ive read nearly all of them and this is by far the best one in my mind maybe im a little bias seeing it was my first (your always ment to remember your first riiiight? ;) )embrace the night is about a vampire who ends up saving a little girl, then in turn she ends up falling in love with him (pervert right?) well i liked it :)

A creature doomed to wander the earth in eternal darkness, he searches the ages for someone to share the endless night of his existence, for that one woman who will recognize the man within the monster. An angel of purity and sunlight, she fears the mysterious stranger whose eyes promise endless ecstasy even as he whispers dark secrets she dares not believe. They are two people longing for fulfillment, braving the danger of a love like no other. Alone, they face desolation and despair; together, they will share undying passion, defy eternity, and embrace the night.

I love paranormal romance, especially vampire romance, but this book was a bit too *cue the sad music* - whoa their lives suck. It had a great premise, what with the orphan girl who blossoms into a woman and the devoted but self-loathing vampire. I found her character too weak and stereotypical and his self-loathing was too much for me. It was still an entertaining book until you got to the reincarnated love of his life part. I actually liked the second reincarnation of Sarah more than the first one, but that's just me. All in all, it had its good moments, but it is definitely not one I will read again.

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