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El Misterio Del Cuadro Robado (Las Tres Edades) (Spanish Edition) (2013)

El misterio del cuadro robado (Las Tres Edades) (Spanish Edition) (2013)

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About book El Misterio Del Cuadro Robado (Las Tres Edades) (Spanish Edition) (2013)

Marvin is a beetle with a gift. He lives with his family in the walls of a New York City apartment, where one night he finds art supplies and discovers his artistic gift by drawing an amazing picture of the scene outside the window. While the boy, James, who lives in the apartment knows that it's Marvin's drawing, his parents think he's the artistic genius. Confusion over the identity of the true artist ends up leading James (with Marvin hidden up his sleever) to the Metropolitan Museum, where they both become embroiled in an art forgery scheme.Broach blends together themes of friendship and deception with a serving of adventure in this charming story about a beetle who gets to travel beyond his small world and discover what he is truly capable of. I picked this up several years ago and though enjoyed it, never quite finished it, but today I decided to. Turns out, this is one of the cutest books I think I've ever read :) I love the friendship of a boy and a talented beetle and it made me appreciate art more, too. "Masterpiece" blends childhood creativity, friendship, humor, art (illustration are fantastic), and an engaging plot. It's a fun read that reminds me of Chasing Vermeer and The Little so to anyone wanting a quick chapter book that will leave you felling happy, I recommend this one.

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I loved this book in 4th grade!! Read it four times that year. It is a real masterpiece!!

Loved the mix up of cleverly drawn illustrations and text.

I liked it. Very cute little story.

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