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El Emperador De Todos Los Males: Una Biografía Del Cáncer (2010)

El emperador de todos los males: Una biografía del cáncer (2010)

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About book El Emperador De Todos Los Males: Una Biografía Del Cáncer (2010)

Remarkable! I put off reading this for a while because I thought it would be depressing or boring or both. How interesting could something billed as a biography of cancer be? I was pleasantly surprised to find this substantial volume fascinating. Mukherjee is a great storyteller, weaving accounts of technical advances into the personal stories of cancer researchers, physicians and patients masterfully. I did get a little bored with the early stages of genetic research, but I suspect some of that research was a bit tedious as well. All in all, an excellent read. This book succeeded at two major things... It will made me want to support funding for medical research and it made me very, very glad that certain types of medical experimenting and procedures and now unacceptable. And then I feel the guilt. I know that they shouldn't have been allowed in the past and feel horrible for the patients that endured them but, I know that without those trial and errors, we wouldn't be as medically advanced today as we are.It also shows how easily a medical professional might slip into a world of obsession or criminal medical doings.It's a long book... Very long. It took me forever to read and I often fell asleep with it. Not because it was boring; it's well written and enjoyable but packed with so many details that I'll never remember. Still... Curiosity persisted and I enjoyed most of it, even though I did begin to skip the lengthy medical descriptions and names.The Emperor of Maladies isn't for everyone, but it may be a good book to take in small bites, between your entertaining fiction reads.

Do You like book El Emperador De Todos Los Males: Una Biografía Del Cáncer (2010)?

This is an absolute masterpiece for the layperson to understand a lot about Cancer.

I read this while my mother was fighting cancer...wonderful book

A attempt to understand Cancer, it's history, and our future.

Riveting.. and I was a terrible science student.

I learned so much!

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