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El Diablo A Todas Horas (2011)

El diablo a todas horas (2011)

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About book El Diablo A Todas Horas (2011)

I've been on a roll, lately. Of the last six books I've read four of them have been in what I call Rural Noir (I don't like the term "country noir". It makes me think of bad radio.). The styles have all been different. "Wicked Temper " and "The Kestrel Waters" by Randy Thornhorn were almost lyrical in their style, for me, kind of like listening to foreboding chamber music. "Bad Way Out" by C. Hoyt Caldwell was like listening to speed metal at 78 RPM. A hell of a ride.I loved all three.When I opened "The Devil All the Time" by Donald Ray Pollock, it was as if someone had slammed me against the wall, held me there by the throat and someone else held up the book and turned the pages for me until I was done. I thought I knew what to expect having read "Knockemstiff" a couple of years ago. Those stories merely hinted at what was to come. Well crafted, brutal, relentless and totally absorbing are terms I would use to describe this book. I gave up trying to figure out where it was going about half way through. Not because it meandered (it did not) but because I just wanted to enjoy the journey.I won't write about the story itself as I don't consider myself a reviewer. If I am affected by a book I will say so. Consider me affected. Mr. Pollock, I hope you have many more novels in you. Thank you for a great weekend. Já prostě téhle knížce fakt musím dát 5/5. Sedla mi maximálně, byla velmi čtivá a já ji doslova hltala. Ano, ta atmosféra je tu extrémně ponurá, v podstatě tu nenajdete ani jednu kladnou postavu, všechny páchají zlo a nebo jsou k tomu nuceny.. ALE tahle knížka mě dostala. Některé scény mě šokovaly, není to veselé čtení. Autor se s nikým nemazlí a v téhle knížce Vám naservíruje obrovské a místy i nechutné zlo. Ale stojí to za to. A já si to fakt užila. Tahle knížka není pro každého, ale mně fakt sedla. Trošku jsem očekávala jiný konec, ale nakonec jsem se s tím závěrem smířila.. bylo to jiné, ale i tak dobré zakončení celého tohoto nervy-drásajícího příběhu :)

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Mean, bleak, a bit pointless.



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