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Čekat Vaše Odpověď (2010)

Čekat Vaše odpověď (2010)

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About book Čekat Vaše Odpověď (2010)

This novel was published in 2009. It is a series of portraits of strangecharacters who are involved in identity and credit card fraud. The charactersseem to all be one man who is schizophrenic and has aliases for hisfake transactions. The story begins in Cleveland,Ohio with twin boys,Hayden and Miles who tell each other fantastical tales and play some ofthem out. Hayden runs away from home and infrequently sends Milescryptic notes. Hayden becomes obsessed with finding his brother and spendsten years trying to track him down. All these stories are full ofsorrow, unskillful behavior and deceit. Difficult to stay involved with them. This was an interesting read. The author introduces us to three separate characters at the beginning of the book, seemingly unrelated. As the stories unfold, bouncing from one to another (not my favorite thing, as I get ensnared with one person, only to be yanked back to another in the next chapter), one begins to suspect that they are connected, but the how of it all must be guessed at, as the connections are not made clear. For me, that was the compulsion to keep reading, the mystery of how, or, who??When I read the author's notes at the end of the book, I had to laugh when he admitted that he hadn't known where the story was going as he wrote it, that the storyline evolved as he wrote about the characters. Well, yah, that would explain why I felt the way I did reading it, the fear that it wouldn't come clear, how could it with so few pages would the author answer all my many questions!!Suffice it to say that he did, leaving me with a satisfying conclusion, which I very much like at the end of a book!!

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Better to read this book in one sitting. I also wanted to know how Miles and Lucy turned out.

I loved the way he entwined the stories,an interesting web.

A disappointment.

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