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Einmal Rund Ums Glück (2011)

Einmal rund ums Glück (2011)

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About book Einmal Rund Ums Glück (2011)

Kamden MillerMrs.PayneEnglish 1-A11/11/14Chasing Daisy The book Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon, is very interesting and fast paced. The story line is complex and unpredictable. Basicly a young woman about 23 has left all her family and friends in America, she packed her things and moved to Brazil with a broken heart. She got a job catering for a Formula 1 racing team, she falls in love with one of the drivers. This causes many difficulties and heart ache throughout the book. The authors message in this story has to do with love and patience. We understand this theme through events such as when Daisy falls in love with a man who is dating someone else, and they are just perfect for each other. It takes time to find what is right and patience to heal from the hurt. An important quote is when Daisy discovers her love almost died and she says, “Life can be snatched away from you in an instant, but if you don't give yourself up to love, even with all the risks of losing it, life isn't worth living.” (Paige. 245) This is important because this one quote sums up all the other 224 pages in this book. This was action-packed and a fun read. It was never boring and the whole story was explained in depth. I would suggest this book for teens like myself seeking a romantic comedy. It would be inappropriate for ages 12 and under. Although this was a slow read it was worth the time. And after reading the last page, the reader is left with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of rest with how the story ended. As humans we should take the authors advice and find love! Chasing Daisy is probably my favourite Toon book, I just could not put it down. It follows the character of Daisy who works in hospitality for Formula 1 and her friend Holly and the secrets they hold from each other and their lives on this glamorous job. What I really like about this book is for people like me who have read other Toon books there are characters that overlap between the books, expecially the character of Daisy (all becomes clear in the book). Another thing that made this book stand out for me is the shock twist that happens about halfway through, I really did not expect it to happen and it takes the book in a whole different direction, it was brilliant. The ending for me came all too soon but is the right ending for the book and I think one that I wanted since you first meet the two characters in question. This is a must read, just superb.

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I enjoyed this it took me a while to get into but will read another :)

loved it made me laugh so much and cry so much too :'D

Loved reading it

Me ha encantado!

Fun chick-lit!

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