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Dwaalweg (2008)

Dwaalweg (2008)

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I could not stand the main character. I thought all the mountain folk were stereotypical -- such hard lives but still full of spunk! At least the book did not reach the happily ever after ending that I predicted, where the hard living woman finds the Lord and marries the local preacher, but what it did come to was almost worse: a total non ending. I guess it was supposed to be like real life, but the rest of the book was unrealistic so it didn't really fit. Home Another Way shows God's grace in a harsh world, filled with flawed people who are faithful. Sarah is bitter and angry after a failed marriage and a childhood that deemed her unlovable. She finds herself surrounded by circumstances that force her to spend a long, cold winter in the "backward" mountain town of Jonah, New York. The townspeople show her grace and friendship, however, Sarah has put strong walls around her that cannot be easily broken. I appreciated the realistic characters that Parrish created. Not the ending I hoped for, yet exactly the ending "Sarah" needed.

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The ending of this book is so implausible that I actually flung it angrily across the room.

eh.....could take or leave it. Pretty light reading. Romantic /Christian novel.

Great book! Glad that the ending was not what I expected.

good book easy to read

good book

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