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Dunk Under Pressure (2006)

Dunk Under Pressure (2006)

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067006095X (ISBN13: 9780670060955)
viking juvenile

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Dunk was a typical athletic 12 year old which loved Basketball. Dunk has an aunt more like his sister rebound for him when he's in a rush to do something. Dunk is such a basketball freak. When he starts to get into that drill he could work on it for several hours. An hour goes by slow in sports wise. Dunk also doesn't eat normal once he's practicing there's nothing that can disturb him. Dunk is a free throw specialist, one summer he shot 25,000 free throws. I don't even think Micheal Jordan shot that many in one summer but Dunk did. I bet your wondering why is Dunk practicing like this? Dunk has a nation wide tournament that is in a couple of nights and is trying to get some practice more like a ton practice. If you want to know if Dunk is going to win the tournament then you should read this book. -Devonte Watts 7th Grade

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