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Du Oder Ich (2013)

Du oder ich (2013)

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About book Du Oder Ich (2013)

In Dualed I think a powerful element in the story was death. In this future, the entire world is at war but in this community there is a flicker of hope for survival. A barrier was built to keep the war out of the city and protect the people inside it. However, the population must be controlled and so the board came up with a way to control it. When a couple wants to have a child, they go to the board and the board figures out a DNA sequence from the couple and the next couple that walks in. Then they have one DNA code for 2 kids making them twins or Alts. They are then each raised by there parents to become the better killer. Between the ages of 10 and 20 they are activated and they have 30 days to kill their Alt or both Alts will self-destruct. This way they have a city full of killers ready to defend themselves should the wall ever come down. The one who lives is "the one, the worthy" The main character West had 2 parents and 3 siblings. Her younger sister and oldest brother both were killed by their alts, her parents and other brother also all died. West needs to train herself so that when the time comes she can kill her Alt so she becomes a striker- a person hired to kill another persons Alt. When the time comes for her to kill her own Alt will she be ready? This book was a quick read, intense and page turning, but left much to be desired.The world building for the society in which the main character lives is vague and somewhat unrealistic, and the ending was anti-climatic. I would have wanted more grappling with "who am I, as a clone, compared to this other person who is also me" idea. Read this for the thrill, just don't read too much into how the society could function in this way. (Especially since almost no one has emotional repercussions from being exposed to murder literally every day, and people continue as normal.)

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Fucking Best book ever!! I don't get how it only got 3 and a half stars.... I loved it!

Rating: 2.5 starsTHIS.WORLD.MADE.NO.SENSE.

interesting concept

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