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Drunk Mum (2013)

Drunk Mum (2013)

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0732296056 (ISBN13: 9780732296056)

About book Drunk Mum (2013)

Where on Earth do I begin? This book is painful to read. It's incredibly honest and well-written, but the content is so raw and disturbing that you literally can't turn away from the train wreck that is this woman's addiction. Trust me when I say that you'll hate the author. You'll hate her selfishness and her inability to put anyone, or anything, above her need for alcohol. While I don't like her or her choices, I still respect her for telling an awful story about an awful mom -- because it can't be easy. I sincerely hope that her son has the mom he needs, wants and deserves now. Undoubtedly, a must-read for any book lover. You mean your afraid to wake up. She nods. And then, naturally, I understand. It's easier not to wake up. The world goes on. But not with you in it. This is why we're together, on this side of addiction. We'll always understand what it's like to be afraid to wake up. When we are finished with our coffees, we go to a meeting together. Before the meeting is over, I hold her hand as we stand in a big circle with other addicts holding each other's hands, and we recite a pledge to help each other out. It's a silly ritual but it gives the illusion that we're in it together before we go out in the world again, outside of the twelve-step walls. The bones in Chris's hand are tiny, a bird's skeleton. I hope she makes it. But she doesn't. Not yet. Maybe not ever. ~Drunk Mom a Memoir by Jowita Bydlowska~

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I couldn't put it down. Don't miss this book. Gritty, real and very sadly, fascinating.

A realistic look at the power of addiction.

Tough subject. Really good book.

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