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Drowned Cities (2012)

Drowned Cities (2012)

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My 13-year old son and I do nightly out-loud reading and had read Shipbreaker some time previously and loved it. Drowned Cities is not a sequel or part of a clear series, but is set in the same world as Shipbreaker. Character development is excellent, nuanced and mature (with some satisfying baddies and goodies). As one of his friends said, it's intense. Violence, alcohol, sexual references, torture and high body count make this borderline appropriate for this age. I'd say not as good as Shipbreaker, but we enjoyed. My missus attended a talk given by Paolo, and he said he likes writing YA fiction since it is expected the pace will be kept up so not to bore readers! Shades of pulp sci fi of the Edgar Rice Burroughs era! I enjoyed this one a lot. It felt aimed at an older audience than Ship Breaker. The theme of child soldiers from 2014 Africa as a template for a future conflict in a dystopian USA is compelling.

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Meh. Pretty good, but not nearly as good as The Wind-Up Girl or Ship Breaker.

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It was pretty good but it was kinda creepy.

Can't wait to read the next...

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