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Driving Mr. Dead (2000)

Driving Mr. Dead (2000)

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Miranda Puckett never had the best of luck with jobs, in fact she failed miserably more often than not but when she took the job as Beeline’s driver, she could never had anticipated the collaboration of issues that could occur. Fights, ambushes, vandalism, credit card issues, the list goes on and on and that’s just in her first trip. The trip that started out with a sixteen page list of requests and rules from the vampire that she was to transport from Washington to Half Moon Hollow with a very important package for Ophelia. A trip that could very well be her last because she will more than likely get fired.Colin Sutherland was an uptight, recluse of a vampire that had not been around people for a very, very long time. His unique gift deemed it necessary because it caused his brain to go into overload but surprisingly, he didn’t have that problem with Miranda which was a very pleasant surprise. He hadn’t been surprised by anything since he became a vampire. His cross country trip with Miranda was full of them.I never thought that there would be another person that had worse luck than Jane Jameson, man was I ever wrong! Miranda’s life makes Jane’s seem like a cake walk because while Jane’s life didn’t seem to get crazy until the day that she became a vampire, Miranda’s has been that way her entire life. This book was so funny! Miranda’s misfortunes were hilarious and once Colin opened up, he was quite funny himself. This book can be read as a stand-alone book but I suggest that you read all of the others in the series first starting with Nice Girls Don’t have Fangs. Miranda Puckett has tried many different professions and they all ended in spectacular failures. Driving vampires around during day time is her new job as part of a new service provided by the company "Beeline". Her first "big" client is Collin Sutherland whose view on life is that everything needs to be planned and organised beforehand, while Miranda's way of life is more based on navigating through chaos. During their long drive, they will both learn to compromise while trying to reach their destination safely, trying to make it through a hazard at a time.When I read a book like this, I am not expecting a life-changing moment or the most original story ever written. I want to be entertained and this book gave me precisely that. There are almost no characters to keep track of and I was never bored, the story actually made me laugh out loud several times. I do not know why I love serial train wrecks but Miranda is such a great character, it is impossible not to root for her.

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